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Here's how we can increase your
sales leads – guaranteed!

If your company meets the requirements as outlined on this page then we'd be honored to work with you. Don't worry about where you are based – we conduct training online, at your location and at seminars throughout the country.

Money Back Performance Guarantee

With our money-back guarantee, you can't get hurt. We are committed to your business in a deep way and teach things that become an integrated part of your sales team's behaviors. We'll personally help you apply Salesperson 3.0 to your salespeople and take responsibility for generating great results. You end up with the profits you need.

Who's It For?

Because of the guaranteed nature of our service, it only makes financial sense for us to work with you if you are…

  • a company employing sales representatives
  • focused on controlling your market
  • able to handle the increase in sales leads our system generates

We enjoy working on a money-back guaranteed basis because it holds our feet to the fire to generate results for you.

How do you learn?

  • Attend an online training course – see our latest schedule here.
  • Have us come to your location – two-day on site programs at your location.
  • Book us to speak at your next sales meeting – our keynote speeches inform and entertain.

We're a perfect compliment to your services. Contact us to learn how you can benefit from our Programs for Associations and Promoters.