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Salespeople can get more customers using search engines, internet tools and social media
(We call the process Salesperson 3.0)

At the end of 2009, a web marketing expert taught a Kodak national sales manager a unique system for reliably generating quality targeted sales leads. This system can be taught to your sales organization today.

Since February of 2010, this same web marketing expert has been teaching a small part of this system to sales professionals at trade shows and corporate events to rave reviews with sterling results.

In just a second, you'll learn how this system works. You'll also learn the unique story that led the web marketing expert to partner with several trade associations where he speaks to thousands world-wide about this system.

In one month it tripled the number of quality leads for Kodak!

"We generated more targeted leads than we could handle!"

Here's a behind the scenes glimpse at how we developed our system...

After years of helping salespeople (and companies) generate leads, this web marketing expert realized one thing – the internet and the economy has changed the game in outside professional selling.

It's no longer efficient or effective to make cold calls or telemarket. Traditional sales practices for referral generation are outdated in the digital era. Travel budgets have been slashed, workforces have been reduced and buyers can now get information and reviews with the click of a mouse.

The role of the salesperson has changed dramatically in the 21st century.

Thus, this web marketing expert became the first to teach salespeople how to use things like search engines, Twitter, LinkedIn, Alerts, Facebook, RSS Feeds, and other online resources for lead generation, client research, client retention, client engagement, competitor monitoring and more.

These resources allow you to:

  • find prospects that need what you sell
  • engage prospects until they are ready to buy
  • increase lifetime customer value
  • so you can make more money while lowering the costs of sales

However, although these channels are highly effective and for the most part free, in working with others this web marketing expert quickly discovered the hardest part was "knowing how and when to use them."

Are you making these huge mistakes with lead generation?

How many times have you heard this?

Learn the correct way to market using the internet

"If salespeople just make enough cold calls for long enough, see more people for long enough and get more referrals for long enough, they will hit their number."

That's just not true in today's age.  But surprisingly, many sales organizations and salespeople are running their business on this outdated and ineffective belief.

It's the old "throw-stuff-against-the-wall-and-pray-something-sticks" approach. Its foundation stems from the macho belief that all salespeople should cold-call, either by phone, in-person, referral or email solicitation. It's based on sheer guts and numbers and lead generation practices taught by so called "sales training experts."

And it is not very effective.

In fact, it can be a grinding, spirit-breaking way to spend a career.

Look at this list of other common mistakes to avoid...

  • Common Mistake 1:
    Relying solely on advertising and marketing for lead generation and lead nurturing. By doing this you are refusing to assign any responsibility to salespeople for lead development and nurturing, which is a fast way to get stomped by an aggressive competitor.
  • Common Mistake 2:
    Believing you'll get better profit results if you only had salespeople that would make more prospect calls and ask for referrals.
  • Common Mistake 3:
    Designing sales training programs that fail to teach salespeople how to properly nurture leads.
  • Common Mistake 4:
    Failure to use prospecting and lead generation processes which enhance relationships with customers and prospects.
  • Common Mistake 5:
    Thinking your CRM system generates more legitimate prospects and leads.
  • Common Mistake 6:
    Signing up for expensive sales training programs that teach approaches and tools that haven't changed in the past 50 years.
  • Common Mistake 7:
    Design prospecting programs that have the wrong goals – for example, focusing on number of calls or number of appointments. Ultimately, your main goal is to maximize your profit-per-prospect. We specialize in teaching salespeople how to do that.
  • Common Mistake 8:
    Assuming that a good opening prospecting approach (elevator speech) with objection-response techniques is the only training salespeople need to generate new sales leads.

Salesperson 3.0 teaches salespeople how to generate leads

The question "how can salespeople best generate leads" led our web expert on an fanatical quest to discover every current tool and technique for increasing a salesperson's prospecting effectiveness. The answers lay in the following "internet" applications…

Google Plus Facebook Twitter
LinkedIn YouTube Stumble Upon
  • Search engines
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Alerts
  • Online research tools
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Email marketing
  • Text Messaging
  • Online productivity tools
  • Social networking

We took these new technologies and communication channels and wove them in an easy-to-use process your sales team can use to generate new leads right now in your industry.

The process resulted in a system we call Salesperson 3.0.

So, what's Salesperson 3.0 all about?

First, Salesperson 3.0 is NOT about the internet or LinkedIn – though our steps require using them. Although we are big fans of new technology, the hardest part is knowing what to use and what to say.

Salesperson 3.0 is more than a single tool or technique. Despite what others may tell you, there is no single "magic bullet." You can't build a car with a single screwdriver…just like you can't build successful salesperson prospecting system with one tool or technique.

We teach a methodology…a series of simple activities and exercises salespeople carry out. We take the guesswork out of salespeople generating highly profitable sales leads. We've tested numerous tools and techniques, throwing away those that are useless. We pulled together all the best technologies and tools, and combined them with our own system.

So to summarize, Salesperson 3.0 uses strategies, activities, internet technologies and communication channels that allow outside salespeople to easily and reliably generate more quality sales leads at lower costs. You can use Salesperson 3.0 in addition to your CRM software. The CRM software manages and tracks activities, and salespeople use the Salesperson 3.0 system to generate fantastic new leads.

Here's what happened when we revealed part of Salesperson 3.0 to others

Inspired by the complaints of business owners and sales managers everywhere we spoke, we revealed a few of our methods to a leader in the software industry. These tips proved to work so well he sent us this letter...

Quote from Bob Price

Now Salesperson 3.0 is ready to be used by your salespeople

We have spent night and day polishing, refining, and documenting Salesperson 3.0 so it is even easier to use, faster to implement and duplicatable to each member of your sales team.

We now provide coaching, consulting and training to companies that meet defined criteria – usually those that are already profitable and in highly competitive markets.

Here's how we can help YOU...

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