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5 Easy Ways To Get Testimonials From Customers

Posted on: February 19th, 2016 by admin No Comments

By Brian Offenberger, NJL Sales Training

All salespeople need testimonials yet few know how to get them.  Here are 5 tips to help you get more.

1.  Create a testimonial form

Make up a testimonial form that asks customers specific questions about what they liked about doing business with you.  Send the form to customers with some incentive offer to return it.  Let customers know comments may appear on your website or in your marketing.

2.  Survey customers

Use tools like Survey Gizmo or Survey Monkey to find out what customers think about you.  Allow room for them to offer narrative answers.  Those answers are your testimonials.

3.  Use a flip camera

For less than $200, you can shoot HD quality video from a camera that fits inside your shirt pocket.  Use the camera to capture customer comments about your products and services.  It’s fast, easy and effective.  You can shoot the customer comments and have it on You Tube (or your website) in a matter of minutes.

4.  Use a record-a-call option

You can use automated or live calling services that will contact customers, interview them and record their comments.  These customer comments can then be used in audio testimonial form or transcribed for written use.  You can also get a recorded, toll-free line which allows customers to call and leave feedback at their discretion, another great tool for obtaining feedback and testimonials.

5.  Offer an incentive

Many companies use giveaways and other incentives to obtain customer testimonials.  They offer their customers a “reward” for the testimonial.  The reward drives the number of responses, thereby accomplishing the business objective.

The correct use of testimonials in your marketing and selling can drive huge increases in your sales.  Make getting testimonials a priority for your business and watch sales soar.

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